Van Andel Arena and DeVos Performance Hall offer fundraising programs designed to help you raise money for your organization.



By selling discounted tickets to select events, you can raise $2 - $10 per ticket!


  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Scout Troops
  • Community Organizations
  • Religious Organizations

Benefits of the Program

  • High profit margin
  • Opportunity to raise money always available
  • Tickets are easy to sell...everyone likes to attend events!


  • Choose an event offering discounted tickets from the Group Sales page.
  • Contact the Group Sales Department to reserve a block of seats.
  • Sell the reserved tickets at full price.
  • Purchase the tickets at the group discounted price.
  • Use the difference raised for your organization.

For more information, contact the Group Sales Department at

To ensure the success of your fundraising efforts, begin at least two months before the event date.



SAVOR…Grand Rapids partners with non-profit organization groups to staff the concession stands at Van Andel Arena. This allows funds to be channeled back into the community and brings quality dedicated stand workers into our building.

We have built a successful NPO program. Our volunteers deliver a high level of guest service because we provide them with all the necessary tools and training to assure professional, knowledgeable and reliable service.

We select groups that are best suited to our program, who will represent the building well, and who we feel will be successful. We search for groups that have an aggressive fundraising need with enough volunteers to meet our staffing requirements, are well organized and committed group leaders, and share our passion for delivering a memorable experience for our guests. 

Please contact Jeff Dubin for more information: