Partner Organizations

Axios Inc.

Human Resource Services Division is a practical way for business leaders to receive the expert human resource services they need to accommodate their goals and maximize their profitability. Besides simply handling the more traditional HR duties, such as hiring and payroll, Axios will help you reduce many of the rising costs of employment by passing on group discounts and savings on such items as benefits, liability coverage, and workers' compensation. Axios essentially removes the burdens associated with HR, offering you and your staff the two most important assets needed to focus on the business of your business: time and energy.

DK Security

DK provides event management services including uniform security, crowd control, armed security, undercover agents, executive protection, and security consulting to venues that host a variety of public events such as concerts, sporting events, high-profile speaking engagements and trade shows. Whether your event draws 100 or 100,000 patrons, DK’s team of crowd control professionals will manage all of your security needs.

Staffing Inc.

For over 21 years, Staffing Inc has employed over 250,000 people in a wide range of positions across Michigan. Staffing Inc specializes in temporary and permanent placement for both the Service and Manufacturing Industries. Staffing Inc offers a
fully-customized service solution which enables Venue Managers to focus on
creating positive guest experiences without the added burden of Employee
Management. Staffing Inc will pre-screen, hire, train, schedule, and manage
associates for smaller, single events to large, multi-dimensional concerts or sporting events. Life is a Temporary Assignment.